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Hello, I am Will Chaillou owner of Business Machines Service * Sales * Supplies. I've been servicing and selling copiers, fax machines, and printers in Harford, Cecil, & Baltimore Counties sines 1983. I opened Business Machines in 1995, back then it was me (working out of my basement), my 1988 Chevy van, and my tool kit. We have grown into Harford County's largest and most trusted Office Equipment Company. We are a re-seller of Canon, Kyocera, Okidata, Ricoh, and Toshiba Copiers, Faxes and Printers.

Our Technicians are on the road servicing from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday, to take care of your repair needs.


Blog 3-20-18

Thanks Best Machine Company!

We just sold a desktop copier to Best Machine Company in Edgewood, MD. They purchased a Kyocera M2635 copier. The nice thing about the Kyocera copiers is their environmental friendliness. This little machine has a drum life of 100,000 images. Other machines like Brother, HP and Dell (the same size machine) has a drum life of 20,000 images. That means you will throw FIVE drums in the landfill before this machine uses its first one. 

Business Machines - 

Environmentally Friendly!


Blog 3-19-18

What Do Iguanas and Copiers Have to Do with One Another?

Absolutely nothing. I am a Copier Guy but i'm also a grandfather. My Granddaughter must put in 5 hours a month(each month) community service for credit in Middle School. Her Mom and Dad are very busy, so to help out, I will be volunteering with her at The Humane Society of Harford County. Our training class is in April. We both like exotic animals, so our training will be for the Critter Club House. If you come to adopt an Iguana, Snake or Rabbit, you might see Natasha(my granddaughter) and I there.



Is there anything better than being able to give?

We are pleased to announce that, when we had our St. Patrick's day giveaway, within 2 hours we had a recipient! The copier is being donated to Rev. Paul Simmons and Rock Run United Methodist Church, Havre de Grace. We will be delivering it next week. 

We will be donating a copier every month, as supply allows, to a Church or Non-Profit. Supply = Copiers that are traded in but still have years of good life left in them. Watch for the upcoming email for the Easter Giveaway!



Blog 3-15-18

Thanks Again to Harford Primary Care!

We just sold a 42 ppm Okidata MPS4242 color copier to Harford Primary Care on North Ave in Bel Air. The MPS4242mc is a very compact copier loaded with features like copier, printer, scanner and fax. All the speed, buzzers and bells of machines twice the price. We placed the sister machine to this copier the Okidata MPS3537mc in the Harford Primary Care in Abingdon several years ago.

Thank you Harford Primary Care!

Will Chaillou


Blog 3-14-18

Toner Refills

After quite a bit of research, we located a company that sells high quality toner. It's for refilling Toshiba, Panansonic and Kyocera copiers. They are the three major brands we sell. You have to be careful with generic toners. If the manufacturer does not get the chemical makeup correct, the toner may not melt correctly. It could also cause the copier to over or under tone causing image quality problems. On top of image quality issues, if the copier overtones, the toner can short out the charge assembly. Which in turn can take out the logic boards. If the melting temperature is wrong, toner will build up in the fuser and cause jams. The best reason  to refill the toners, though, is to keep the cartridges out of the landfill.

Refilling Toner Cartridges:

Good for God's Creation!


Blog 3-13-18

Copier/Printer Message in the Display -

"Replace Toner Soon"

The "soon" is a relative term. To one manufacturer it means you better change the toner because you might have 25 more images. To another manufacturer you might have 3,600 images to go. For some of our customers that could be two months of copying/printing or two days. Copiers/Printers really do not know exactly how much toner they have in the cartridge. It is a good estimate based on the number of images ran and how much fill (toner) is put on the page. My copier at home has been saying "replace Black toner soon" for two weeks now. 

You should replace the toner when the machine says "Replenish toner" or "Replace toner". There might be a good bit left in the cartridge. Try to get every bit of toner out of the cartridge. 

This will help keep toner cartridges out of the landfill as long as possible. 


Blog 3-12-18

Good News for startup businesses. We can now get you leasing!

We now work with different Leasing Companies and can now get leasing for new/startup businesses. For years we have had to turn down start up businesses that wanted to lease office equipment. Now we can get leasing for startup businesses (0-6 Months and new businesses 7-23 months) for up to 36 months. The max amount financed is $20,000 with a term of up to 36 months. What is required? Business license or tax certificate, personal guaranty, 2 payment security deposit and ACH payment.



Blog 3-9-18

Old Copier or Office Equipment Removal

We offer Copier/Office Equipment removal in Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties. We do the removal at a Flat Rate of $400.00 per machine and if there are steps/stairs involved we charge $10.00 per step. So removal of one copier is $400.00 and if there are 18 steps coming down or up to exit the building, the total charge would be $400.00 plus $180.00 = $580.00. Why so much? Because it takes two of our techs to remove a copier. Then we have to store it until we have enough to fill a truck to take to the Recycling Center . Going to and returning from the center takes our driver about four hours, plus gas and tolls. 

Removal of Old Copiers and Office Equipment - We do that!



Thank You Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company!

We just delivered an Okidata MPS5502mb+ Multifunction Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax to Ben Kurtz at JVFC. They're a new customer of ours. We are looking forward to many years of doing business together. We believe in doing business locally as well as nationally. The machine they purchased is an Okidata MPS5502mb+.  It's a great machine. It's compact and fast(55 pages per minute).

Thanks Again Ben and JVFC!

Will Chaillou



Thank You Highland Presbyterian Church in Street, Maryland!

We just sold a Toshiba ES4555c Copier/Print/Scan/Fax and Booklet Making & Stapling  with finisher to Highland Presbyterian Church in Street, Maryland. We have been servicing Highland Presbyterian since 2002. What a nice bunch of people. If you ever get the chance to visit the church one Sunday morning, they had a beautiful restoration done of the inside of the church. The craftsmanship is quite impressive!

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou


Blog 3-6-18

Lest I Forget!

This is a Food Stamp I carry in my wallet. It is from 1983. 

My Unemployment ran out about half way through Electronics/Computer Technology school. I had a wife and 3 sons at the time. My sons ages were 7, 5 and 2. I was making a career change from the retail business to what I thought was going to be Computers. My plans were not God's Plans and I wound up in copiers instead. My wife Dawn had to apply for Welfare and Food Stamps because they didn't give them to men back in the 80's. 

Now, I carry this food stamp around to remind me where I came from and so I don't think too highly of myself.

Romans 12:3 For through the grace given to me I say to every man among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith.


Blog 3-5-18

Have You Ever Hit the Scan Button on Your Copier and Nothing Happens?

We have a Okidata desktop copier at home. On occasion, when we scan a document, nothing happens. The machine goes through all the motions, but then an error message comes on the screen. Something like: can not find DNS server, DNS error, communication fail, etc. If this happens to you, before you freak out, try shutting down your copier, then computer. Wait a minute or two. Then, first, turn on the computer. Second, turn on the copier. In that order. All should be well. If not, try:


Blog 3-2-18

Did You Know We Ship Nationwide?

We are shipping a Okidata ES9475c Copier with Print/Scan/Fax capabilities, a Booklet: Making and Stapling Finisher to The Print Doctors (a new customer for us),  in Miami, FL.

If you have other business locations in the US (or know someone who does)and are in need of office equipment, call us. We will sell and ship. We also find you a dealer in your area to service the machine. 

Thanks again to The Print Doctors!

Will Chaillou


Blog 3/1/18

6,120 Reasons!

I did a proposal for a Refurbished Copier for a church in Harford County. I proposed a Toshiba ES4555c copier. The lease payment with service and machine, came out to $176.00 per month. They got a proposal from a company in Baltimore. The lease payment for a new copier and service, came out to $278.00 per month. If you do the math, $278 - $176 = $102. Times that by 60 months = $6120.00. That's alot of savings. And in a time when giving to churches/non-profits is down, the need to slow the outpouring of money is a good thing. 

I am glad to say they opted to save the money. 


Blog 2-28-18

Light Images on Your Copier!

I had a customer call the other day requesting toner for their copier. I asked them to send me a printout from their copier that shows the toner levels. The reason being, even though the machine was not calling for toner, the customer was getting light images. 99.999% of the time light images have nothing to do with the amount of toner in the cartridge. It is in fact a problem with the copier and you need a service call. It could be a number of things like dirty mirrors, a bad drum, poor drum ground(or developer ground) just to name a few. 

So if you have light images (and the copier is not calling for toner):

Call Business Machines


Problem solved


Blog 2-27-18

Billy Graham

What a blessing he was to the USA and so many others!

I do believe more people around the world knew the name Billy Graham more than an other American citizen. He was the pastor to 12 Presidents. His ministry was above reproach. It is said that he preached to 215,000,000 people in person and over 1,200,000,000 have heard him preach via TV and radio.

I've a personal connection because I've been involved with his phone ministry for years. There's a phone center at Beachmont Christian Camp in Baltimore County (as well as others all over the US and Canada). If you ever watch the rebroadcast of his crusades, there is a phone number at the bottom of the screen. If you dial that number you have about a 1 in 100 chance of me answering the phone.

What a legacy he has left!

Well done, good and faithful servant!

You will definitely be missed!



Blog 2-26-18

Why can't I print Edge to Edge on my Copier/Printer?

Full "Bleed" or "Edge to Edge" 

Most copiers (and printers) have void areas. As a rule, nothing prints, about 1/4", on some or all edges. The reason being is to stop the paper from sticking to the drum and heat roller. If the machine is designed with a void area, I do not recommend messing with them. It will bite you in the butt. Paper will stick to the heat roller causing jams.

Way back, when I started as a tech in the copier business, I adjusted the void area for a customer and the machine worked fine. Well for about a day anyway. Then they called me back because it was jamming. The stuff they were printing (the next day) had heavy print at the very top of the image. This was causing the paper to stick to the heat roller.

There are machines that are air fed, that do not full bleed. Some use inkjets, where there is no need for a void area. You can also use a trimmer/cutter to remove the void areas. Don't ask me for model numbers and such. I have never sold one or worked on one, other than inkjets. Even then, I have so many model numbers in my head I couldn't tell you which is which.


Blog 2-23-18

Copy Process 101

Laser, LED Printers and Copiers, with very few exceptions, work the same way. 

1)   The image is either; scanned in and                      digitized, or sent to the copier/printer in                 digital form from a computer 

At that point, copiers and printers all work the same.

2)   The machine puts a charge on the Drum

3)   A laser or LED writing the image on the                  Drum. Where ever the laser writes the                    Drum is discharged

4)  Toner that is in the Developing Unit is                     attracted to the discharged area of the                   Drum

5)  The machine puts a charge on the paper                 that is greater than that of the Drum

6)  Paper is fed under the Drum and the                     Toner on the Drum is attracted to the                     paper (At this point the toner is just sitting on         the paper)

7)  The paper is conveyed to the fusing                       section where the Toner is melted onto                   the paper

If you are a tech, and reading this, keep in mind that I was keeping it simple.


Blog 2-22-18

My Copier/Scanner stopped scanning!

Just had a customer, who we delivered a copier to in January, email about his machine. His Multifunction Copier/ Printer/Scanner stopped scanning about a week ago. When our tech got to his office we found that he downloaded a corrupt file. It changed a setting in his computer from a Private to a Public setting. Most people think the copier/scanner is the problem but most times it is the computer and a setting that has been changed. Either by mistake or a virus. The first thing you should do is turn off the copier. Shut down the computer and reboot.

If that does not work call:

Business Machines


Problem solved



Thank you Mark at Modular Components in Forest Hill!

We just delivered a Toshiba Copier ES356 to the front office at Modular Components in Forest Hill, MD. We have been selling and servicing office equipment to Modular for 13 years. We are thankful for their business. The first time I ever saw a Prius, was on the day the owner of Modular Components pulled up in hers. It made no noise, very strange back then.

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou


Blog 2-20-18

Still Laughing 39 Years Later!

Once, while were delivering a Copier, the customer's IT person was nowhere to be found. This put the brakes on the network side of the delivery and we got to talking. The customer mentioned the IT guy, age 22, was an exception to the "Millennial" age group; in that he was an exceptional worker. 

I shared with her that, even before the "Millennials", there was Gus Slacked (not his real name). At the time, I managed Retail stores and Gus worked for me. I really liked Gus, he was a nice kid. On the last day he worked for me, he told me that he used to stand in the back stockroom, with a shopping cart, and wait for me to come through the door. At that time, he would start walking towards the door. He said he would stand there for hours, doing nothing, just standing and waiting. 

Lets see a "Millennial" beat that!



Thank you Rick at Hutchins Property Management!

We just delivered an Okidata ES5162 MFP Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax to Rick at Hutchins Property Management. We have been servicing/selling office equipment with them since 2004. We are thankful for his business. This is the second ES5162 they have purchased from us in addition to other copiers/printers. The ES5162 is a great little machine, it is compact and fast- 45 pages per minute. Not to mention the 500 sheet paper tray and 50 page doc feeder!

Thanks again!

Will Chaillou


Blog 2-16-18

Copiers and Surge Protection

We recently delivered a Toshiba Copier Model ES356. When we went to plug the copier into their surge protector, it was not a surge protector, it was a power strip. This happens a lot. People think a power strip is surge protection. A power strip is nothing more than a fancy extension cord. A surge protector is designed to send a power surge to earth/ground, before it gets to your TV, Copier or Fax. The other thing most people don't know is that most surge protectors, purchased in Walmart, Target or where ever, are a single shot surge protector. Meaning it will take one power surge and it has done its job.

Then it is nothing more than a power strip. 


Blog 2-15-18

Did I buy a Toner or a Maraca?

Did you know that some of the more popular websites allow people to sell toner, drums and the like on their site? And just like eBay...buyer beware. The toner can be old and/or not stored properly. If stored in a humid or hot environment, the toner can clump up and damage your copier/printer.

We purchased some toner from a well known site. We had the toner dropped shipped to a customer. They installed the toner but the copier was still calling for toner. I went to the customers office to see why. Thinking maybe they did not remove the tape that seals the toner. When I pulled the toner out, it sounded like a maraca. The toner, instead of being a powder, was clumped like little rocks. I took it back to the shop and opened it. The toner was for the most part a solid block in the shape of the cartridge, with a few pieces broken off and rattling around. 

Buyer Beware!



Thank You Charles at Comer Construction!

We just delivered a Toshiba ES4555c and a Kyocera M2635 to Comer Construction. We have been servicing and selling office equipment to Charles at Comer Construction for the past 10 years. We are thankful for their business. We are also thankful for their friendship. A few years back we had those back to back snow storms. They came and dug us out. What a blessing it is to have business relationships that turn into such good friendships. Especially in times like that.

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou



Thank You Rick at Home Owners Realty!

We just delivered a Toshiba Copier ES3055c to Rick at Home Owners Realty. We have been working with Rick and Denise for years. It is great when your customers become your friends. I highly recommend working with Rick and Denise if you are looking for a home to buy or are looking to sell.

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou


Blog 2-12-18

Lines on Prints & Copies but Scans are OK

If you have a desk top Multifunction Copier/Printer and are getting lines down the page when you print and copy but not when you scan; try changing the toner/drum cartridge. Most of the time it is the problem. If you have an old toner/drum cartridge, put it in the copier. If the problem goes away, buy a new toner. 

If you check HP's website and different tech sites, that is the  first thing they tell you to do.


Blog 2-9-2018

Original Misfeeds in Document Feeder

Wrinkled Paper

Have you ever heard about garbage in, garbage out? With Copiers, if you feed a garbage original through the document feeder as in wrinkled, folded or rolled up like a scroll; you will have misfeeds. Then, there is the garbage that comes out of your mouth shortly thereafter

   Below is what we tell our customers to reduce the jams.

1)  If you must feed it through the document               feeder, feed only one sheet at a time. After you       have flattened it the best you can.

2)  If you choose the above, don't be upset if it           still misfeeds.

3)  Lift the document feeder and place the original       on the glass. This is a little more time                     consuming, but you will eliminate alot of                 cursing.

Every Machine has its limitations



Just off the truck!

The Kyocera TA-4501i B&W Copier

We just purchased 3 of the Kyocera TA-4501i Black Only, Multifunction Copier/Printer/Scanner from an off-lease depot. Before we sell the copiers, our techs refurbish them. The list price of the machine shown here is $4999.00. The Monthly Lease Payment would be $92.49. The Service Contract rates are the same as a new machineThe machine has a 600,000 image Preventative Maintenance cycle and a Monthly Duty cycle of 200,000. This is a very robust copier/printer.

Off-Lease office equipment saves you money and is great for the environment!


Blog 2-7-18

Original Misfeeds in Document Feeder.

Staple Related


We get calls, somewhat regularly, for the document feeder misfeeding. We replaced a document feeder for one of our customers because of consistent jamming. Even after replacing the feeder, they called about misfeeds. The paper they were feeding had been stapled together. The problem with stapled paper is that even after removing the staples, the paper is dimpled where it was stapled. The paper will stick together and feed several sheets at the same time. We saw it first hand in their office. In this case they did not believe us and decided they would like to purchase another copier. Shortly after delivering the replacement machine, the document feeder was...jamming.

Below is how we told them to reduce the jams. 

     1) 1st make sure you remove any staples from           the paper

     2) Fan the paper

     3) Feed the stapled end in last


This will greatly reduce the misfeeds



Thank you Day Bus Company!

We just delivered an Okidata MPS4200 Desktop Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax to their office.

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou



Thank you Winters Run Golf Club!

We just delivered a New Kyocera Desktop Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax. This is the second copier we have sold them, one for their office and now the pro shop. Working with Casey is always pleasant.

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou 



Thank You, John Cairnes Realty!

We just delivered a New Canon IR-C3525i Copier. What a pleasant experience working with John and Rita. We were able to help them get out of a over-priced lease and save them money each month!

Thanks Again!

Will Chaillou


Blog 2-1-18

Image quality problems on Copier, Printer or Fax

Part 8

Mark on image only from glass

If the mark appears when copying or faxing off the glass. It is most likely caused by a mark on the glass. Sometimes if you are holding a pen or marker, when copying, it puts a mark on the glass.

Clean glass with alcohol

Problem solved.


Blog 1-31-18 

Image quality problems with Copier, Printer, or Fax.

Part 7

Gray or Black line across the page.

If the line appears when copying, printing or receiving a fax. It is most likely caused by a shorting corona wire or grid.

Gray or Black line across the page

Call Business Machines 410-838-1227

Problem Solved


Blog 1-30-18

Image quality problems with Copier, Printer, or Fax.

Part 6

Repeating mark down the paper, printing or copying, scans are good.

This is almost always caused by a mark on the drum. This mark is not something the copier will do on its own. This type of mark is caused by someone scratching the drum. It could have been with your finger nail, a letter opener, a stick or a rock. Why would you have a stick, letter opener or rock in the copier? I don't know. I must say that out of the aforementioned, a rock is the only thing i have not seen used by a customer in the copier, over the 35 years i have been servicing. But if a customer had used a rock, they probably would not have admitted it to me. 

Repeating marks on the page.

Call Business Machines 410-838-1227

Problem solved. 


Blog 1-29-18

Image quality problems with Copier, Printer or Fax.

Part 5

Void area several times down the page, only printing or copying, scans are good.

If the void line only appears when printing, copying or receiving a fax. The fuser has a has a chunk of the press roller missing and the toner is not sticking to the paper where the chunk is missing.

Void area several times down page, 

Call Business Machines 


Problem solved


Blog 1-26-18

Image quality problems with Copier, Printer or Fax.

Part 4

Void area down page, only printing or copying, scans are good.

If the void line only appears when printing, copying or receiving a fax, it could be several things. 1) There is something blocking the laser from writing the ilame on the drum. 2) There is a toner clump in the developing unit and no toner is reaching the drum. 3) The fuser has a wear line and toner is not sticking to the paper. 

Void line on image 

Call Business Machines


Problem solved


Blog 1-25-18

Image quality problems with Copier, Printer or Fax.

Part 3

Toner is rubbing off the paper, printing or copying, scans are good.

If the image can be rubbed off the page, the fuser is not getting hot enough to melt the toner onto the paper. The cause can be that the heat lamp is bad and not getting hot enough, the terminal ends are burnt and not making good contact or there is a toner build-up on the thermistor and it is not sensing the correct temperature.

Toner rubs off the paper 

call Business Machines


Problem solved


Blog 1-24-18

Image quality problems with Copier, Printer or Fax.

Part 2

When toner is rubbing off the paper down one side of the page(only when printing or copying, scans are good).

If the image can be rubbed off, down one side of the page, the fuser belt is torn( I see these alot with HP printers). The fuser belt will tear and it does not melt the toner on one side of the page. I have also seen where the bearing on one side of the heat or press roller breaks off or the shaft is worn down.

Toner rubs off the paper, 

Call Business Machines 410-838-1227,

Problem solved. 


Blog 1-23-18

Thin black Lines, on images or scans, from Copier, Printer or Fax. 

Part 1

When using the Document Feeder. 

If the line only appears when using the document feeder, check the slit glass. Ink or whiteout will sometime rub off on to the slit glass when the paper is feeding through the Doc feeder. That whiteout or ink will appear as a line down the copy or scan. Clean the Slit Glass with alcohol. You may need to get a flash light or your phone light to see the ink or whiteout. You may need to clean it several times to get it. It does not take much to cause a problem.

Thin Black Line : Problem solved


Blog 1-22-18

When Copier and Birthday Cake happen

We serviced a 17 yr old Kyocera 3530 copier a couple of months ago. The document feeder was such a mess we replaced it with one from a newer model. We charged the customer and all was well. A few weeks later, they called back upset and said the replacement document feeder was misfeeding. When our tech got to their office he opened the feeder lid and to his surprise, there was some cake. The owner's granddaughter had birthday cake in the office and dropped some in the copier. Needless to say the customer was no longer upset with us. 

Cake and copiers do not mix!


Blog 1-19-18

Not all white paper is created equal!

When you look at a color image on a piece of paper, light is reflected off the surface of the paper. That is why you use photo paper for photographs. The colors are much more vibrant when using very white, glossy photo paper. I have taken paper from multiple manufacturers, right out of the pack, and sat them side by side. You would be amazed by the difference between the white paper. If color is a real issue for you and your images, you may need to try several different manufacturers white paper...to find the "whitest" white paper. 

The white paper you use does affect your image. 


Thank you Superior Motor Company (Kingsville)!


We recently delivered a new Okidata ES8473 Color Multifunction copier to:

Superior Motor Company 

11711 Bel Air Rd, Kingsville, MD 21087

The owner, Russ Fitzell, was great to work with! If you are in the market for a used car/truck, give them a call 410-914-5188.

Thanks, again, Superior Motor Company in Kingsville, MD!


Blog 1-18-18

Old Copier or Office Equipment Removal

We offer Copier/Office Equipment removal in Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties. We do the removal at a Flat Rate of $400.00 per machine and if there are steps/stairs involved we charge $10.00 per step. So removal of one copier is $400.00 and if there are 18 steps coming down or up to exit the building, the total charge would be $400.00 plus $180.00 = $580.00. Why so much? Because it takes two of our techs to remove a copier. Then we have to store it until we have enough to fill a truck to take to the Recycling Center . Going to and returning from the center takes our driver about four hours, plus gas and tolls. 

Removal of Old Copiers and Office Equipment - We do that!


Blog 1-17-18 

Copiers, Cats and Cigarettes Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about a customer, from 20 years ago, that sold cat houses. I don’t know if they are still around. Haven’t heard from them in ten years. I googled them, got nothing. They were located on the Mason Dixon Line. The funniest, or maybe saddest, thing about them they registered their business in Pennsylvania because they, the owners, smoked. Pennsylvania hadn’t passed the law regarding no smoking in public building and the workplace.  Going there reminded me of visiting my dad and stepmother’s house. When you opened the front door, cigarette smoke would roll out the door. There would be a smoke cloud hovering about 3 feet off the floor. 

Once again, I got a service call. This was months later, for a black line on the images. The problem with cigarettes and copiers is; that the tar that sticks to your lungs and kills you, is the same tar that sticks to the mirrors and glass in the copier. After a while the tar blocks the light from reflecting down to the drum. The mirrors were covered with a brown tar. This was causing the copier to print a gray to black background/line, because the tar was thicker in one area of the mirror.


If you smoke, and have a copier, you may have copy quality issues.



Blog 1-16-18

Copiers, Cats and Cigarettes Part 1

20 Years back or so, we had a customer that sold cat houses, scratching posts and the like. They had more cats than you could shake a stick at. About two weeks after selling them the copier, we had a service call for black lines on the copies. When I got there I found a fur ball stuck between the drum and cleaning blade. The fur had scarred the drum and had to be replaced. It cost the customer about $350.00. Damage caused by fur balls are NOT covered under the warranty. How did the fur ball get there you may ask? The copier has a mess of fans that draw cool air in and hot air out. Along with the air came...cat hair.

If you have a cat and a copier, DO NOT allow the cat to sleep on top of the copier. 


Blog 1-15-18

Job search ETIQUETTE, what happened?

I ran an ad on Craigslist for a position I created in the office. It is to do search engine optimization, website maintenance and back up for the phones. Some of the people have replied, as you should, with a short comment about themselves. Their name, phone number and resume were attached. BUT OTHERS...

"I would love that gig."(Like it was an ad for a drummer).

"I used to be a bartender." (What this has to do with websites, not sure).

"443-5??-89?? brian" ( I added the ?? marks).

"Extremely interested." (No name, no email?).

"Hello my name is Mary. I'm interested and available." (I changed the name but what ad was she replying to?).

All the BUT OTHERS got deleted right from the start.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression...so the saying goes. 



Blog 1-12-18

LED vs. Laser

Laser units in copiers have a motor in them. They spin a Polygon motor. The motor has a multisided mirror mounted on it. Some have 12 sides, but most of the ones I have seen have 6 sides (like the photo on the right). The motor spins at 100,000 RPM’s (Revolutions Per Minute). I have seen many wear out the bearing, overheat, then they start making a high pitch noise... then one day they are done.  In office grade copiers, they can run the customer between $1000 to $2000. That is why they are excluded on most dealer’s service contracts, including ours. The LED array on the other hand has no moving parts.  It puts pin points of light on the drum. Which is very accurate. That is why the images in the Okidata printers and copiers are so good. Okidata warranties their LED array for 5,000,000 images. That is how sure they are of it not failing.

LED is the future of Imaging!


Blog 1-11-18

A4 Okidata VS. A3 Toshiba?

The copier on the right is a A3 Toshiba ES5570c (55 page per minute) multi-function machine. The copier on the left is a A4 Okidata MPS5502 (55 page per minute) multi-function machine. The difference is about $20,000. If you don't need 11 x 17 imaging, the MPS5502 is the way to go. You could put 3 of the Okidata Machines side by side, in the same area, as the Toshiba. Then you could send a print job in tandem mode and print at 165 pages per minute, for 1/2 the price. Or put them in different locations and save lost time walking to one central copier. 


Blog 1-10-2018

Printers are stupid, but obedient. 

They do what they are told. If they are not sure what you mean, they just sit there and do nothing. Let's say you print an envelope. You are in Word, you select Com #10 envelope and hit print. At the copier/printer, you put envelopes in the bypass. The print job goes to the copier/printer and nothing happens. The print light flashes. Then, in the display, the copier says check the paper direction. So you change the direction of the envelope, nothing happens. And again, the display says check paper direction. What is really happening is that the default for the bypass is set for 8.5" x 11"paper. You installed a 4" x 9" envelope so the printer just sits there. It does not print because you told it to print on a Com #10 envelope, and it is not set for a #10 envelope, it is set for 8.5" x 11".

Make sure your print driver, and printer, are set to the same paper. 


Blog 1-9-18

Good News for startup businesses. We can now get you leasing!

We now work with different Leasing Companies and can now get leasing for new/startup businesses. For years we have had to turn down start up businesses that wanted to lease office equipment. Now we can get leasing for startup businesses (0-6 Months and new businesses 7-23 months) for up to 36 months. The max amount financed is $20,000 with a term of up to 36 months. What is required? Business license or tax certificate, personal guaranty, 2 payment security deposit and ACH payment.



Blog 1-8-18

Service Contract or pay as you go?

One of the things i get asked a lot is ... "Why do i need a Service Contract?". I went out to service a customer the other day, (who does not have their color copier under contract), the last time we were there the tech told them that their fuser needed to be replaced and the kit and labor would run them about $950. They did not want the work done. This time the machine is throwing a code and jams paper only when you print color. The developer unit is bad . With labor, developer unit and developer the total repair is about $1000. Now the machine needs $1950.00 in repairs for a machine they paid $5000 for 4 years ago. If the machine was under contract with us the total cost of repair to the customer...$0.

That is why I would not own a copier unless it was under contract!!!


Blog 1-5-2018

Green Truck Blues

This is my plow truck, it sits most of the time. It is our policy to put the plow and salt spreader on the truck at the beginning of December, every year, before it is real cold. This year the truck would not go back in park. The front passenger tire was low and we could smell gasoline by the truck. Last week, we finally got to taking the truck in, to get it fixed. Only, we could not put the plow or salt spreader on because they could not get it on the lift. $2500 later, we picked up the truck. Yesterday, we put the plow on. It would not go up or down or right or left. After adding hydraulic fluid, it would go up and down. It would move to the left, but only about 6 inches (enough to do the plowing). So we installed the salt spreader, turned it on and...nothing. The motor went up. Did i mention we were working the whole time standing in the snow, while it snowed on us?

Next year the plow goes on in early December!


Blog 1-02-2018

Wide Format Printers

It is funny how things go in the service department, we can go months without seeing a Wide Format HP or Canon Printer and then see four in a week. Last week was that week. We serviced three printers and delivered another. In 2015 We became a re-seller of Canon Wide Format Printers and figured out real quick that our cost was about $25 below what the printers were being sold for on the internet.

We still service Canon and HP and if really good service is top on your list, Call Us.


Blog 12/21/2017

Somewhere along the line it was not politically correct to say Merry Christmas.

Imagine in the American having to be politically correct. The America that kicked England but, the same Americans that rebelled against the church of England and Rome the same America that would rather die then to lose our freedoms.

We were born to be politically incorrect. So being the Protestant American I am, I purchased the biggest Nativity set I could find and got a Merry Christmas sign and put it out front of my business. I have had people call me and thank me for the Nativity. We have picked up new customers because of it, It pays to be politically incorrect!


Blog 12/14/2017

It's Always something!

Did you ever have one of days? Customer called and needed a drum so I ran one out to them when I got there, say what!!! There was toner everywhere, on the floor, down the front of the machine, in the paper trays, on the display then I opened the door. The toner was in the handles of the toner cartridges, and everywhere else. That 2 job turned in to 1.5 hours of clean up. That is a good example of why a service company can not give you a exact time they will be at your office because the call just before you could take 1.5 hours instead of 2 minutes.

Panasonic DP-C405 Toner Bomb


Blog 11-10-2017

A very short history of Copiers/Multifunction Printers

In 1938, the first photocopy was made by a Lawyer in New York City named Chester Carlson. Analog copiers got smaller, more reliable, and ruled the office world from the early 80's thru 2000. Then the digital copier came out-they were printers with a scanner attached.

At that time I had customers that did not want digital copiers because they did not have the track record the analog's did. Now digital Multifunction Printer/copiers are very good and they run much cleaner than the analog copiers.

I would spend half of my time cleaning copiers before the digitals came out. Now I hardly have to clean one. Today was the excedtion, I spent about an hour crawling on the floor cleaning a desk top copier that was on the floor underneath a customer's desk. Not sure why i was on the floor, there was plenty of room on the desk!

A very brief history!


Blog 11-9-17




Blog 11-9-17


11/9/2017 thru 11/13/2017

Okidata ES5112 B&W Printer, 47 page per minute, 500 sheet paper tray

MSRP $1398, SALE PRICE $799

Canon ImageRunner 425i B&W Copier w/ print & scan, (2) 500 sheet paper trays, stand & document feeder

MSRP $7999, SALE PRICE $3999

Canon ImageRunner3525i B&W Copier w/ print & scan, (2) 500 sheet paper trays, Stand & document feeder

MSRP $7999, SALE PRICE $3999

Call or email today!




Blog 11/7/17

What? Rain inside the copier?

We had a customer by the name of Mr. Mike. He purchased a Mita Ai 3030 digital copier from us back in 2002. Shortly after he purchased it we had a very rainy and humid summer. The copier was in his house in the forest in Forest Hill, Mr. Mike did not use airconditioning he would call up and say the copier was jamming in the Finisher. One of the guys would go out and show him that the paper was damp from the humidity and tell him that was why it was jamming. He would call again and that went on and on. Mr Mike agreed to turn the air on but he called again same problem. This time I went out and he must have turned the air on just as I was coming up the driveway, it was so hot and humid in his house that sweat was pouring off me. When I went to test the copier, I opened the front door and watched the paper as it came through the copier. The paper was so moist that as it was going through the Fuser(the fuser operated at 400 degrees and melts the toner on to the paper) steam came off and formed little droplets of water just over the Fuser. Then they dropped down on the pages as they came through the copier, the paper would wrinkle and jam as it exited into the finisher.

This was the first and only time in the 34 years of working on copiers that i saw RAIN INSIDE A COPIER!



Thanks again Vascular Surgery in Elkton, MD.

We just delivered another Multifunction Color Copier to their office.

We just delivered a Toshiba ES4555c copier to our longtime customer, Vascular Surgery. We have been servicing and selling office equipment to them since January 2015.

Thank you for your business!


Blog 11-6-17

Why is the second page of my document upside down?

Printers are obedient. they do what they are told. If you are doing a duplex (2-sided copy or print) and you want both sides to read like a book, not a legal document, select "Flip-long edge" - if not, page 2 will be upside down.

To the right you can see, the side edge is longer than the top edge. The copier/printer industry refuses display that as the long edge or short edge. You must select this option on the copier or in the print driver, flip long edge or flip short edge.

Select "Flip-long edge" for 2 sided copies or printing.


Blog 11-3-17

I had a customer ask me, "Why is my Printer/Copier printing blank pages?"

As a rule, printers are stupid and obedient. They do what they are told. If you are getting a blank page at the end of a print job, but it only happens when you print from Word, a PDF or Publisher ( I use Publisher alot so I have had it happen to me), take a real good look at the document. I have hit the "Return" button one too many times and had a blank page at the end that i did not see and the printer prints it out every time.

You are not the only one to have this issue, it happens all the time to all of us.

I did some research today and found that in Word, there is a "Paragraph" symbol on the home page you can click that and a little "Paragraph" symbol will show up on your document. This will allow you to see just where your page ends-this may help you.

Sometimes hitting the "Return" key too many times will give you extra blank pages at the end of your document.