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We offer Copier / Office Equipment removal           in Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties.  We do the removal at a Flat Rate of $400.00 per machine and if there are steps involved we charge $10.00  per step.  So removal of one copier is $400.00 and if there are 18 steps coming down or up to exit the building the total charge would be $400.00 plus $180.00 = $580.00      Why so much because it takes two of our techs to remove a copier. Then we have to store it  until we enough to fill a truck and take it to the Recycle  Center. Going to and returning for the center   takes our driver about four hours, + gas and tolls.
Toshiba ES2330, ES2830, ES3530, ES4520, ES2040, ES2540, ES3040, ES3540, ES4540

Harford Counties Office Equipment Service Center!
Onsite Service Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties.
Onsite labor Rate $125.00 per hour.
Guaranteed same day service!